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Demonstration project of mass-production system for commercialization of eel seedlings

Steep decline of natural eel fry catch has been seriously influenced on eel farming, and it will be worry about be impossible to supply eel products stably to consumers. Currently, the National Fisheries Research and Education Agency and other Organizations which are our members of project, are working together to establish artificial mass-producing method of eel fry. This is urgent issue, so we should accelerate to complete it.

For this reason, it is necessary to achieve the following objectives by introducing new technologies in other fields such as engineering with developed technological through this project up to now.

1 Improving the survival rate of larva,

2 Improved reproducibility,

3 Improve laver efficiency and save costs on aquaculture

Through this demonstration project, we have acquired the knowledge necessary for mass production of eel seedlings, and are working on the development of a system to accelerate the commercialization of it.