MF21 is challenging to "innovate and develop new technologies for healthy environment on fisheries,and sustainable growth of fisheries" and "Support to promote progress of fisheries in developing countries" !!


MF21 members consist of various companies, local governments, organizations, and individuals which try to develop technologies of fisheries, and engage in overseas fisheries cooperation.


Company, organization and individual who support MF21 mission objectives can become member after being approved by the Board of Representatives.



Members can participate in our various development and research projects, also our seminars and study meetings, and access a variety of information.


 Types of members

Private company which are eager to develop new technologies sustainable fisheries.

Sectors: Shipbuilding, Steel, Construction, Civil engineering, Electricity, Machinery, Chemistry, Textiles, Research, Fisheries, etc.

Local governments, fisheries cooperate association, incorporated organizations which qualify to be members of fisheries cooperate association, Universities and other incorporated organizations approved by the Board of Representatives, which are eager to develop fisheries

Sectors: Prefectural or Municipal governments, Organizations and Universities

Incorporated organizations which are eager in overseas fisheries cooperation and have experience in consulting services overseas fisheries cooperation

Sector: Consulting

Incorporated organizations which are eager in services related to overseas fisheries cooperation

Sectors: Trading companies, Construction, Civil engineering, Shipbuilding, Steel, Electricity, Machinery, Chemistry, Textiles, Fisheries organizations, etc.

(5)Supporting Members                               
Organizations and individuals which support to MF21 task and activities