MF21 is challenging to "innovate and develop new technologies for healthy environment on fisheries,and sustainable growth of fisheries" and "Support to promote progress of fisheries in developing countries" !!

Demonstration project for productivity enhancement of Japanese littleneck clams(Venerupis philippinarum) etc in Ariake sea, Kyushu.@@@

Ariake Sea is known as leading area to produce high quality bivalves such as clam, however, those production has been sluggish in recent years due to the deterioration of the environment.

We develop new technologies for improvement of calmfs productivities according to various characteristics of each district in cooperation with local fishermen, combining achieved technologies and new one, at coastal areas of 4 prefectures (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto) in Ariake Sea.

In detail of project activities, we develop and demonstrate new technologies for production of suitable habitat for adult bivalves, improvement of survival rate and breeding of the juvenile,transfer technic of the juveniles from high populated area to other area for creation of new habitat, and prevent the generation of poor oxygen water mass by the construction of oyster shell bed.