MF21 is challenging to "innovate and develop new technologies for healthy environment on fisheries,and sustainable growth of fisheries" and "Support to promote progress of fisheries in developing countries" !!

@Project to develop technologies to promote rapid Coho Salmon growth to collect eggs by underground cold seawater, and to enable product shipment in a year

Coho salmon farming is an important industry in Miyagi Prefecture. In order to increase production and strengthen the management of aquaculture, it is essential to keep stable supply of domestically produced eggs. Water temperature less than 21˚C is necessary to grow Coho salmon. Salmon grow faster in seawater. However, there is no seawater area below 21˚C throughout a year in Japan, so, fostering of parent fish for egg collection is performed only in the freshwater area. It takes three to four years. Meanwhile, Underground seawater is approximately 18˚C throughout a year. This temperature is suitable for fostering it, and it is expected that the growing period can be shortened and to increase its size in fostering underground water. Therefore, we will develop technologies to grow faster by fostering in underground seawater and to collect egg in short period.